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Established in 2019, Time 2 Shine Auto Detailing was founded on the pursuit of perfection. Continuously growing through customer referrals. By researching the best methods to perfect your vehicles appearance, shine, and protection, we believe that each vehicle should be personally inspected and treated by our highly skilled professionals. Each particular vehicle will always end in a customized and a brilliant result.

Time 2 Shine is located in Richmond Hill and consists of a team of Certified Automotive Detailers who have successfully completed their Automotive Training & Automotive Technology in post secondary institution with over 10 years of experience.  Our team here at Time 2 Shine are very dependable and take pride in every auto detailing service we provide. Our team strives to provide only the very best as we are very passionate for what we do and rest assured your vehicle will be pampered, polished and professionally detailed.

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At Time 2 Shine

We take pride in our work and greatly value our customers. We detail all types of vehicles. Call us or stop by to discuss your detailing needs.

Exposure to road oils, sun rays, tree sap, bird droppings and other various pollutants in the environment in Ontario Canada deteriorate automotive finishes. The best way to help prevent permanent damage is with regular washing. At Time 2 Shine auto spa, we utilize the most effective cleaning materials in the industry to remove dirt safely while protecting the finish and enhancing the shine.

The Process of Interior Detailing

  1. A complete, thorough vacuum of the car
  2. Detailing of all plastics, vinyls, rubbers with a 1″ brush
  3. Cleaning of all the vents, electronics & other sensitive components
  4. Cleaning the headliner
  5. Cleaning the leather (2 step process): 
    1. Cleaning the leather seats
    2. Conditioning the leather seats
  6. or Shampooing the fabric seats & hot water extraction (suede has a similar format but more sensitive chemicals)
  7. Shampooing the carpets
  8. Steam cleaning the carpets & upholstery (fabric)
  9. Hot water extraction on carpets & upholstery (fabric)
  10. Cleaning the windows
We don’t just wash and dry your car, our exterior detailing is a thorough process that takes several hours to complete.

Our Exterior Detailing Process

  1. Thorough wheel cleaning
  2. Complete exterior hand wash using PH balanced car shampoo
  3. Bug & tar removal
  4. Clay bar using state of the art synthetic Nano skin
  5. Hand dry with optional air dry blower for sensitive vehicles (hypercars)
  6. Cleaning of body lines with a 1” brush
  7. High-pressure steam cleaning of door jams and exterior crevices
  8. Tire dressing & black trimming
  9. Glass cleaning
  10. One coat of high temperature carnauba wax

Our Working Process

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We take pride in our work and greatly value our customers. We detail all types of vehicles. Call us or stop by to discuss your detailing needs.