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Classic Car Detailing Cleaning

Auto Detailing

Covers both the exterior and interior of a vehicle. Interior involves deep cleaning all those small areas inside a vehicle like carpet shampoo, upholstery shampoo and leather or plastic care.  Exterior involves body washing, clay bar polishes and sealants.

Male person with polishing machine cleans car

Paint Correction

Polishing, buffing and wet sanding which removes swirl marks, scuffs and many other surface scratches. Also using compound for a smooth finish.

Pouring motor oil

Oil Change Services

Provide oil change service that includes changing the oil filter, top up fluids, check air filter, check tire pressures, check light bulbs and complete overall inspection.

Car polish wax worker hands polishing car

Ceramic Coating

An advanced product and process that offers the wettest-looking, clearest, deepest, and longest lasting finish in the industry.

Tire Sales and Services

Provide tires for all makes & models. Complete tire services available including tire change, rotation, balancing, plug/patch, installation and tire storage.

Headlight Restoration

The removing of unsightly yellowing and cloudy film to restore your headlights' clarity.

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We take pride in our work and greatly value our customers. We detail all types of vehicles. Call us or stop by to discuss your detailing needs.



Approximate Time:25 min-45 min

  • Pre-Rinse
  • Hand Wash & Chamois Dry
  • Dash and Console clean
  • Door Jamb Wipe-Down
  • Windows & Mirrors (Int/Ext)
  • Tires (Clean, Shine)
  • Rims (Clean)
  • Vacuum Interior (Carpets, Mats, Seats)
  • Rubber Floor Mats Shampoo

Sedan / SUV / VAN / Truck


Package includes silver package plus the following:

  • Clean Wheels
  • Dress wheels with tire shine
  • Exterior wax
  • Wipe down of interior dash, console and trim
  • All door panels cleaned
  • Floor mats washed
  • Sedan / SUV / VAN / Truck


Package includes silver package, gold package plus the following:

  • Steam clean top of engine area
  • Leather Treatment
  • Leather conditioner
  • Vinyl treated
  • Rims cleaned, polished & protected
  • Undercarriage wash
  • All door jams cleaned
  • Buff and polish paint
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Exterior polish
  • seatbelt cleaning

Interior Only

No Shampoo

Approximate Time:20 min-30 min

  • Vacuum Interior (Carpets, Mats. Seats)
  • Windows (Interior)
  • Remove Dust (Interior)

(Sedan 50$) / (SUV/VAN 60$) / (Truck 70$) / (7 Seats +5$)

With Shampoo (From)

Approximate Time: 20 min - 30 min

Sedan / SUV / VAN / Truck

Exterior Only

Approximate Time:20 minutes

  • Pre-Rinse
  • Hand Wash & Chamois Dry
  • Tires ( Clean, Shine)
  • Rims (Clean)

Sedan / SUV / VAN / Truck

Additional Services

  • Engine bay cleaning & degreasing to prevent dirt & debris build up
  • Ceramic coating - Ceramic Pro is a clear, layer able ceramic coating protection for your car that is stronger than traditional protectants. It becomes a permanent flexible glass shield that protects your vehicle’s paint from UV damage, scratches and more, with 3x the protection of traditional sealants
  • Pet hair removal
  • Wheel/Rims Cleaning (baked brake dust, oxidation dirt, grim build up removal)
  • Odor Removal / Cigarette Smoke
  • Food Spillage / Liquid Spillage
  • Complete Sanitation (Body fluids, pet drools, kids mess etc)
  • Paint correction through buffing, polishing, waxing & compound
  • Headlight restoration
  • Hot water extraction to all fabric material
  • Air filter replacement
  • Cabin replacement
  • Battery replacement

Any additional work can be discussed in person for free estimate.

Specialty services

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We take pride in our work and greatly value our customers. We detail all types of vehicles. Call us or stop by to discuss your detailing needs.

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